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    Custom fields for products and user information
    Customer invoice display
    Multilingual edition of the content
    Possibility of payment of an order later on
    Checkout without registration
    Contact us form on product pages
    Options for products
    Waiting list for products out of stock


    Powerful dashboard customization
    More widgets on the dashboard
    Configurable products purchasing restrictions
    (per period, per weight, per product categories, etc)
    Additional product listings item layouts
    Customization of order number format

marketing toolsMARKETING TOOLS

    Integration with AcyMailing for email marketing
    Google Products integration
    Restrictions on coupons and discounts

    HikaShop is compatible with every versions of Joomla from 1.5 to 3.x. GPL v3
    No limit of time
    1 year free updates
    1 year free HikaShop support for one website
    1 year web cron service for one website
    HikaShop only supports MySQL (no postGreSQL or Oracle or MSSQL support)
    Installation guaranteed! If you have any problems installing HikaShop, we'll do it for you.
    30-day money-back guarantee

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