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aeSecure, optimizing and securing your web Apache sites
aeSecure is a php software application that provides your website with an extra layer of protection when it is running under an Apache server regardless of the type of websites (Joomla!®, Drupal, WordPress, or even a static site or proprietary software)
aeSecure also provides optimizing features for your website in order to speed up page display read more).

The software application works on two principles :

    It creates and maintains a very comprehensive .htaccess file containing a great number of rules that will or will not be activated, depending on your choice.
    It creates and maintains a php.ini file whose purpose is to tell your Apache server what is allowed or not (Note: some hosting services do not manage this file)

These two files are read by the web server before the page or request is displayed/executed, which secures your website by prohibiting malicious urls, hacking attempts, display of configuration information, etc.

aeSecure aims to close a large number of doors through which a hacker could enter. It optimizes the display of pages, a speeding up process which can be be measured with a tool like GTMetrix.com.

Two versions of aeSecure are available: a free version and a paid-download version (20 € per year). The free version offers an excellent level of protection.

A demo of the software allows you to have a pretty good idea of what can be expected from aeSecure : see  Demo.

Presentation of aeSecure